Scala Enums

A post to the scala-users mailing list was asking about how to do enums. While Java enums are relatively lame, they allow me to do simple things such as attach properties to enumerated values, e.g.:

public enum ColumnHeader {
  FirstName("First Name", true),
  LastName("Last Name", true),
  Age("Age", false);
  private final String headerText;
  private final boolean visibleByDefault;
  private ColumnHeader(headerText, visibleByDefault) {
    this.headerText = headerText;
    this.visibleByDefault = visibleByDefault;
  public String getHeaderText() {
    return headerText;
  public boolean isVisibleByDefault() {
    return visibleByDefault;
Java provides a static method values() in your enum class that returns an array of your enum values, in the order you defined them. This is nice. Now you can do things like this:
public enum ColumnHeader {
  public static ColumnHeader[] getVisibleByDefaultColumnHeaders() {
    final List<ColumnHeader> visibleColumnHeaders =
      new ArrayList<ColumnHeader>();
    for (ColumnHeader header: values()) {
      if (header.isVisibleByDefault()) {
    return visibleColumnHeaders.toArray(
      new ColumnHeader[visibleColumnHeaders.size());

People switching from Java to Scala may want to do something like this, and may well find themselves expecting something similar from the scala.Enumeration class. But it's pretty hard to figure out how to extend scala.Enumeration and add properties to the extended class as well. I've tried a couple times, and I haven't figured it out. Instead, I've taken to using case objects to solve the kinds of problems that I solved with enums in Java.