Scripting with Scala and SBT

I wanted to write about a great experience I had with Scala and SBT today. This morning I had to write a script to convert one .csv file into another. I figured, there's no way I'm not doing this in Scala. So I sat down to write my little script. I opened up script.scala in my current directory, and started typing:

object script extends App {


Proof of Concept: Cake Pattern Type Macros

I've been using spare cycles over the last six weeks to try to put together a proof of concept implementation of the type macros I described in my Taming the Cake Pattern blog post from three months ago. I'm happy to say I have a working implementation of the first six macros! It really needs at least one more to be at all useful, and there is plenty of stuff that needs to be fleshed out. But I was very happy to learn that it was actually possible to make this happen. I'm currently compiling three examples and 27 test cases.