Scala Days Recap and Video


I really had a blast at Scala Days this year. I met so many wonderful people, saw many wonderful talks, and had a ton of fun. I met so many great people, I can't possibly mention them all. My best memory is drinking a glass of wine at a bar with all the Scala Days attendees, when from out of the blue come Matthias Nehlsen to greet me. We have known each other on Google+ for some time, but had never met before in person. It felt like one of those Dora episodes where they all jump into the Fairy Book and go to Fairy Land.

I also got to speak to Dick Wall a bit, which was sort of a Wayne's World moment for me ("We're not worthy!"), as I used to be an avid Java Posse listener before I started writing mostly Scala. Great podcast that really helped me keep in touch with what was going on in the Java community. For Scala, I listen to the Scalawags, and I eagerly look forward to the resumption of the Scala Types podcast.

I really loved Rod Johnson's keynote. Scala poetry is a beautiful idea. I'll try to write some one day. The only point in his keynote that I question is that startups are not going to be using Scala. I don't object out of reason, but from the observation that there are many startups in the Cambridge/Boston area that are taking up Scala. There were too many great talks to start telling stories, but I won't forget asking a stupid question at Heather Miller's Pickles and Spores talk for a while. There are still many talks that I need to catch up with online. In many slots it was hard to pick between sessions!