Longevity 0.13.0 - Odds and Ends

In the past few weeks longevity has had three minor releases (0.11, 0.12, and 0.13) that clean up a variety of odds and ends that had been building up in the backlog. There was nothing major or exciting in these releases, but they are nonetheless important improvements. I haven't really publicized them much, but I wanted to let you know that longevity development is still proceeding.

Here are some changes that are worth mentioning:
  • You no longer have to specify polyType and polyPType in your DerivedTypes and DerivedPTypes, respectively.
  • Instead of just creating schema every time, I've added RepoPool.createSchema(), which you can call as you like. Schema creation is still non-destructive. And you can turn on the old behavior with configuration flag longevity.autocreateSchema.
  • I added RepoPool.closeSession(), so you can clean up resources held by the underlying database drivers.
  • I added some logging output.
  • I added JSON marshallers and unmarshallers to the longevity context.
Next on the list is query enhancements! Although I have a couple of things to work on other than longevity proper that may precede it. I need to debug and fix a problem that has come up with longevity tests in ScalaTest version 3.0.0. And I'm thinking I'll port my sample application simbl from Akka HTTP to Play.