longevity IDEA plugin

I'm so excited to announce the longevity IDEA plugin, written by Mardo Del Cid, that helps IntelliJ understand the longevity macro annotations! If you are using IDEA with your longevity project, installing this plugin will remove your red squiggles! It's in the JetBrains plugins repository, so you can install it just like you would any other plugin for IntelliJ. Just search for “longevity” under Plugins in the Settings / Preferences Dialog.

I haven't been using IDEA much at all these last couple years, so I hadn't really realized that IDEA was showing false errors for projects using longevity. I'm grateful to have a user that discovered and reported the problem. I wonder how many people saw this and never even mentioned it! But the best part is that Mardo didn't just tell me about it, he went ahead and fixed the problem as well! I really, really appreciate it. Thank you.