Ten Ways You Can Contribute To An Open Source Project

Okay, so it's really about my open source project. But that's the whole point. I don't want it to be my project. I want it to be your project too! While this article is written to specifically address contributing to longevity, much of the material here will probably apply to other projects as well.

This is a complete rewrite of the contributing page on the longevity web site. You can read it over there if you like. I've also pasted the contents below for your convenience:


New SQLite Back End for Longevity

Longevity release 0.20.0 is out, featuring the following changes:

  • Added a SQLite back end.
  • Trying to be a bit more formal, changed occurrences of "Mongo" with "MongoDB" in the public API.
  • Replaced "partition key" terminology with "primary key". I was undecided about this for a long time leading up to implementing the feature, and I think I made the wrong choice when the time came. "Partition key" is a little over specified for distributed database scenario. It's a little more general to posit that a database table can have multiple keys, but can more powerfully optimize a single one of those keys at your choosing. Now that I have three very different back ends, it's getting harder and harder to overfit longevity to a single database technology!

Keep reading to learn more about the new back end: