Proof of Concept: Cake Pattern Type Macros

I've been using spare cycles over the last six weeks to try to put together a proof of concept implementation of the type macros I described in my Taming the Cake Pattern blog post from three months ago. I'm happy to say I have a working implementation of the first six macros! It really needs at least one more to be at all useful, and there is plenty of stuff that needs to be fleshed out. But I was very happy to learn that it was actually possible to make this happen. I'm currently compiling three examples and 27 test cases.


The following three examples compile and produce the output shown. The first is the initial basic example from the blog post:

The third is one of the core examples from the CBDI blog post, demonstrating hierarchical component organization:

The second is a flatted version of that.

Scala Days 2013 Talk

I'm so excited to be going to Scala Days in NYC this June! If you see me there, please do say hello. I'll be presenting there on the Cake Pattern and type macros. And right after Eugene! So exciting. Thanks to all the people at Typesafe for putting this on!

More Monads

If you've been waiting for the next chapter on Monads in Scala, I'm sorry to disappoint! I've been sort of busy working on congeal. And I'm afraid I'll be busy preparing for my Scala Days talk over the next month or so. I do fully intend to get back to it when I get the chance.

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