Longevity 0.27 - Stepping into Shapeless

After over 8 months since it's previous release, longevity version 0.27 is out! This release is very exciting to me, as it represents longevity's first steps into shapeless. I was able to incorporate shapeless.Generics into the domain model for all of the persistent objects, which will allow me to replace home-grown reflection based code with shapeless going forward.

The externally facing changes are minor. I've replaced a home-grown test data generation tool with ScalaCheck and scalacheck-shapeless. However, this minor change has already reaped benefits, as it replaces a particularly ugly part of the old longevity API - custom generation of test data - with a much more elegant process of supplying the right implicit org.scalacheck.Arbitrary.

This minor feature is really a proof of concept that I would be able to replace my homegrown reflective code with shapeless features. I feel confident that I can migrate the entire architecture over. Although of course, it will take some time. I will write more soon on how I plan to move forward from here. Stay tuned!

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